Germaine de Stael

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the life and impact of Germaine de Stael (1766-1817) who Byron praised as Europe’s greatest living writer, and was at the heart of intellectual and literary life in the France of revolution and of Napoleon. As well as attracting and inspiring others in her salon, she wrote novels, plays. literary criticism, political essays, and poems and developed the ideas behind Romanticism. She achieved this while regularly exiled from the Paris in which she was born, having fallen out with Napoleon who she opposed, becoming a towering figure in the history of European ideas.

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  • Catriona Seth 5 episodes
    Marshal Foch Professor of French Literature at the University of Oxford
  • Alison Finch No other episodes
    Professor Emerita of French Literature at the University of Cambridge
  • Katherine Astbury 4 episodes
    Associate Professor and Reader in French Studies at the University of Warwick

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Hello (First sentence from this episode) Hello, Germaine de Stael was born in Paris in 1766, where her father was finance minister to Louis XVI and her mother held Dazzling Salon.