The An Lushan Rebellion

16 Feb, 2012 950 History of Asia

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the An Lushan Rebellion, a major uprising against the imperial rule of the Chinese Tang Dynasty. In 755 AD a senior general, An Lushan, orchestrated a plot against Emperor Xuanzong, taking the regime’s capital city before declaring a rival dynasty in northern China. The rebellion lasted eight years but was eventually put down by Tang forces. Although the dynasty’s authority was restored, it never regained the prosperity of previous generations. The An Lushan Rebellion displaced millions of people and killed many more. It changed the relationship between the Chinese state and neighbouring powers; but it also left a rich cultural legacy in the poetry memorialising this seismic event.

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  • Frances Wood 10 episodes
    Lead Curator of Chinese at the British Library
  • Naomi Standen 3 episodes
    Professor of Medieval History at the University of Birmingham
  • Hilde de Weerdt 6 episodes
    Fellow and Lecturer in Chinese History at Pembroke College, Oxford

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Hello (First sentence from this episode) Hello, in the 8th century AD, the largest and most powerful city in the world was Chang'an in eastern China.