The Sack of Rome 1527

22 Feb, 2024 940 History of Europe

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the infamous assault of an army of the Holy Roman Emperor on the city of Rome in 1527. The troops soon broke through the walls of this holy city and, with their leader shot dead early on, they brought death and destruction to the city on an epic scale. Later writers compared it to the fall of Carthage or Jerusalem and soon the mass murder, torture, rape and looting were followed by disease which was worsened by starvation and opened graves. It has been called the end of the High Renaissance, a conflict between north and south, between Lutherans and Catholics, and a fulfilment of prophecy of divine vengeance and, perhaps more persuasively, a consequence of military leaders not feeding or paying their soldiers other than by looting.

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  • Stephen Bowd No other episodes
    Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Edinburgh
  • Jessica Goethals No other episodes
    Associate Professor of Italian at the University of Alabama
  • Catherine Fletcher 4 episodes
    Professor of History at Manchester Metropolitan University

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Hello (First sentence from this episode) Hello, in 1527, an army of the Holy Roman Emperor broke through the wars of the Holy City of Rome, bringing death and destruction on a wholly epic scale.