25 Jan, 2024 120 Epistemology

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the idea that some kind of consciousness is present not just in our human brains but throughout the universe, right down to cells or even electrons. This is panpsychism and its proponents argue it offers a compelling alternative to those who say we are nothing but matter, like machines, and to those who say we are both matter and something else we might call soul. It is a third way. Critics argue panpsychism is implausible, an example of how not to approach this problem, yet interest has been growing widely in recent decades partly for the idea itself and partly in the broader context of understanding how consciousness arises.

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  • Tim Crane No other episodes
    Professor of Philosophy and Pro-Rector at the Central European University Director of Research, FWF Cluster of Excellence, Knowledge in Crisis
  • Joanna Leidenhag No other episodes
    Associate Professor in Theology and Philosophy at the University of Leeds
  • Philip Goff No other episodes
    Professor of Philosophy at Durham University

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