Vincent van Gogh

21 Dec, 2023 750 Painting

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the Dutch artist famous for starry nights and sunflowers, self portraits and simple chairs. These are images known the world over, and Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) painted them and around 900 others in the last decade of his short, brilliant life and, famously, in that lifetime he made only one recorded sale. Yet within a few decades after his death these extraordinary works, with all their colour and life, became the most desirable of all modern art, propelled in part by the story of Vincent van Gogh’s struggle with mental health.

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  • Christopher Riopelle No other episodes
    The Neil Westreich Curator of Post 1800 Paintings at the National Gallery
  • Martin Bailey No other episodes
    A leading Van Gogh specialist and correspondent for The Art Newspaper
  • Frances Fowle No other episodes
    Professor of Nineteenth Century Art at the University of Edinburgh and Senior Curator at National Galleries Scotland

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