Saint Cuthbert

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the Northumbrian man who, for 500 years, was the pre-eminent English saint, to be matched only by Thomas Becket after his martyrdom in 1170. Now at Durham, Cuthbert was buried first on Lindisfarne in 687AD, where monks shared vivid stories of his sanctifying miracles, his healing, and his power over nature, and his final tomb became a major site of pilgrimage. In his lifetime he was both hermit and kingmaker, bishop and travelling priest, and the many accounts we have of him, including two by Bede, tell us much of the values of those who venerated him so soon after his death.

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  • Jane Hawkes No other episodes
    Professor of Medieval Art History at the University of York
  • Sarah Foot 6 episodes
    The Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History at the University of Oxford and Canon of Christ Church Cathedral
  • John Hines 6 episodes
    Professor of Archaeology at Cardiff University

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Hello (First sentence from this episode) Hello. For 500 years, Cuthbert was the pre-eminent English saint and his tombs were major sites of pilgrimage.