Owain Glyndwr

31 Jan, 2019 940 History of Europe

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the life of the Welsh nobleman, also known as Owen Glendower, who began a revolt against Henry IV in 1400 which was at first very successful. Glyndwr (c1359-c1415) adopted the title Prince of Wales and established a parliament and his own foreign policy, until he was defeated by the future Henry V. Owain Glyndwr escaped and led guerilla attacks for several years but was never betrayed to the English, disappearing without trace.

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  • Huw Pryce 2 episodes
    Professor of Welsh History at Bangor University
  • Helen Fulton 3 episodes
    Professor of Medieval Literature at the University of Bristol
  • Chris Given-Wilson No other episodes
    Emeritus Professor of Medieval History at the University of St Andrews

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Hello (First sentence from this episode) Hello, on September the 16th, 1400, Owain Glyndwr's supporters gathered in the valley of the River Dee where they proclaimed him Prince of Wales.