Aurora Leigh

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s epic “Aurora Leigh” which was published in 1856. It is the story of an orphan, Aurora, born in Italy to an English father and Tuscan mother, who is brought up by an aunt in rural Shropshire. She has a successful career as a poet in London and, when living in Florence, is reunited with her cousin, Romney Leigh, whose proposal she turned down a decade before. The poem was celebrated by other poets and was Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s most commercially successful. Over 11,000 lines, she addressed many Victorian social issues, including reform, illegitimacy, the pressure to marry and what women must overcome to be independent, successful writers, in a world dominated by men.

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  • Margaret Reynolds 2 episodes
    Professor of English at Queen Mary, University of London
  • Daniel Karlin 3 episodes
    Winterstoke Professor of English Literature at the University of Bristol
  • Karen O'Brien 16 episodes
    Professor of English Literature at King's College London

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