Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Essays of Michel de Montaigne. Born near Bordeaux in 1533, Montaigne retired from a life of public service aged 38 and began to write. He called these short works ‘essais’, or ‘attempts’; they deal with an eclectic range of subjects, from the dauntingly weighty to the apparently trivial. Although he never considered himself a philosopher, he is often now seen as one of the most outstanding Sceptical thinkers of early modern Europe. His approachable style, intelligence and subtle thought have made him one of the most widely admired writers of the Renaissance.

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  • David Wootton 16 episodes
    Anniversary Professor of History at York University
  • Terence Cave No other episodes
    Emeritus Professor of French Literature at the University of Oxford
  • Felicity Green No other episodes
    Chancellor's Fellow in History at the University of Edinburgh

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Hello (First sentence from this episode) Hello, Michel de Montaigne's essays, first published in 1580, begin rather unconventionally.